I’m a science communicator interested in education and outreach as well.  Previously, I’ve interned at PBS NOVA, freelance written for Harvard’s Science in the News online publication Signal to Noise, and organized ComSciCon, a national science communication workshop for graduate students. Currently, I’m a Graduate Media Fellow at the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning at Harvard, as well a Sustainability Community Advisor in the Graduate Commons Program and Choral Fellow in the Harvard University Choir.

I’m also a doctoral candidate and NDSEG Fellow in the Physics Department at Harvard University specializing in biophysics. I work in the Levine Lab studying interactions between the systemic and cell level stress responses in C. elegans. As an interdisciplinary scientist, I pride myself on my ability to connect concepts across disciplines – both within and beyond the hard sciences. My unique background in physics, biology, and the visual and performing arts makes me especially passionate about science communication, and I strive to find new ways to explain complex scientific ideas in a clear and engaging manner.

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